When war machines outsmart their creators, humanity's very survival comes under attack. A chain reaction that begins with an AI's existential crisis threatens to bring about the end of the world.

"The Handmaid's Tale" meets "Metal Gear" meets "The Diamond Age" meets "Her" set in a near-future postwar dystopian America, "Weapons-Grade" is the story of what we lose–and gain–when we trade humanity for technology.


Existential horror set in the Seinfeld universe, Seinfelt presents over 1,000 new episodes of the hit 1990s sitcom, exploring the boundaries of the human psyche and the nightmares that lie beyond. The cult Tumblr is now available in paperback, featuring a brand new, never-before-seen season.


The Waiting Room

Learn to speak like the otherworldly characters from Twin Peaks. Record yourself, listen to it backwards, then record a video with the backwards pronunciation and reverse it to share with your friends.


Music featured in The Episodic Table podcast.